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Multi Family

Upgrade your multi-family properties with flooring that blends luxury and durability seamlessly. Enhance tenant satisfaction and property value with our expert flooring solutions. Reach out today to elevate your multi-family spaces effortlessly!

NYC NYS & NJ certified MBE


Transform your hospitality space with flooring that speaks volumes. Elevate your guests’ experience with our premium flooring solutions. Contact us today for a consultation and let’s create a welcoming atmosphere together!

Tenant In Place

Revitalize your tenant-in-place spaces with flooring solutions that enhance comfort and style without disrupting occupancy. Elevate the appeal and value of your property while keeping your tenants happy. Connect with us today to discover how we can transform your spaces with minimal hassle!

NYC NYS & NJ certified MBE


100 Flatbush

601 West 29th

Bronx Point

East Harlem Tutorial Program

Linden Houses

Trinity HouseĀ 

Victoria Theatre / Apollo

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